Answer:  Use these steps to add an appeal:

  1. Click Campaigns in the Navigation bar. *

  2. Click Appeals

  3. On the All Appeals header bar, click the Add Fundraising Appeal Icon

  4. Enter a unique Appeal Name.

  5. The appeal must be for a campaign. Select a campaign from the Campaign drop-list box. **

  6. (optional) If the appeal is for a subcampaign, then select a subcampaign from the Subcampaign drop-list box. ***

  7. Complete the information on the rest of the form as wanted.

  8. Click Save.


* If using a mobile device, you may need to tap the Navbar Toggle to display the Navigation bar menus.
** Only active campaigns are listed.
*** Only active subcampaigns that are linked to the selected campaign are listed.


Required Tags:

Article Type: 
Product Info
Product Line: 
Abila Elevate
Product Module/Feature: 
Campaigns & Structures

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