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For payments =
Payment Remittance address:  PO Box 123303 Dallas, TX 75312-330
For questions about your maintenance and support renewal invoices = 800-647-3863 press 1 for sales, press 1 for existing customer, and press 1 for renewals.
For questions about invoices for the Single Tenant Cloud hosted by NPT  = 800-404-9758
For questions about Multi-tenant Abila Cloud hosting, on-site training, data work contracts and or invoices for these services =  800-647-3863 press 1 for sales, press 1 for existing customer, and press your product line from the product menu options available. <--Make sure to listen to the product menu before making your selection.

AR Team FAQ recently sent to customers:

Question = Why has my Customer Number Changed?

Answer = The new finance system we are using at Abila created new account numbers for all of our customers. You will still use your product serial #  ( old customer #/Account ID) when calling Customer Support for assistance.


Question = Did the Payment Remittance Address change?

Answer =   IF you used PO BOX 123395, then yes your payment remittance address changed. Please mail all payments to  PO BOX 123303 Dallas, TX 75312-330.


Question = What Service Period is this Invoice for?

Answer =  The service period start date will be the date of the invoice for monthly, quarterly and annual billing.  We are not able to include the service dates on these new invoices at this time. 


Question = Will I still be able to pay by Credit Card and ACH or Auto Pay?

Answer =  Yes, we are now able to offer Credit Card payments and Auto Pay.  Please contact  Stefanie Chason, 512-861-3266 or  Lynne Galliart, 512-861-3118  to get set up.  If you have questions you may email



Question = Why are we being charged sales tax?

Answer =  There was an issue with our new system that is being corrected and we apologize for the inconvenience.  If you’ve never sent us an exemption certificate in the past, feel free to email your state (not federal) sales tax exemption certificate to



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