I use the Abila Online services (Hosting) and I need to print to pdf and save it on my local computer.  How do I do that?

The process for printing a report to a PDF file is identical to an on-premise system.  You will notice the default save location is \\TSClient\C.  This is the C:\ drive on your local machine.

1) Click the print to PDF button and you will be prompted with the following window:


2)  In this example, the PDF report will be saved to the local desktop.  Clicking the browse button in the 'Print to PDF' window will present you with the following window.

The window above would list the contents of the C:\ drive on your local machine.  Clicking the 'tsclient' button in the upper left hand corner of the window will present you with all the drive s on your local machine, similar to the image below.



3)  in our example, the target location is the local desktop.  Using the 'Print to PDF File' window, browse to the target location.

When the desired location has been reached enter a name to save the PDF file and click the 'Save' Button.


4)  After clicking the 'Save' button, you will be taken back to the Print to PDF window, verify the path and click the 'OK' button.


5) the PDF print process will begin.  This portion could take several minutes depending on the size of the report and the speed of the connection between your machine and the remote server.  When complete, the PDF file will be saved to the location originally selected.  In this example it would be the local desktop.



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