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Below are the release notes for the June 2020 release.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Id Title Description
1813 Wrong expiration date when adding child membership to  a renewal order When the AllowMultipleMemberships and ChildMemberDatesEqualtoParent system options are set to True, the membership term for the additional chapter memberships on open membership renewal orders will keep the attributes of the Parent on the order.
43209 [NRDS] Add Sync Count Option Customers who may be experiencing syncing issues due to a single failed record can increase the number of attempts by updating the numeric value on the NRDSCustomerMaxSyncAttemtps system option.
25802 [NRDS] Sync is not updating organization information to the State Level Realtor information will now be synced to the State level.
25858 Unable to Create New Visitor Log In-Spins and Does Not Create an Account New Visitors are able to complete the create account process successfully.
41846 Unable to find the shipping method when the customer purchases the products Users are now able to access the specific shipping method informatio.n
25601 Sessions not Showing in Sort Order When Guest Is Added Sessions will now show in sort order.

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