Mill2013Update8 contains Fix for Issues:

  • M16227 Mobile View is displayed selecting Credit Link on Gift Void
  • M16426 SAU plugin needs to be signed
  • M16450 Attribute Screen slow to display
  • M16743 Mobile - unable to search by ID


Installation instructions:

WARNING!   May only be installed on a Millennium 2013 IIS

  1. On the IIS backup inetpub folder
  2. Click here to download Mill2013Update8 to the IIS server desktop
  3. From the IIS desktop Double-click on (Mill2013Update8) and Extract to root drive where inetpub is located; Example C:\
  4. Open unzip directory (C:\Mill2013Update8) and run mill80stop.bat to stop IIS and Sage Millennium services.
  5. Right-click Select Extract All to root drive where inetpub is located; Example C:\
  6. When prompted replace\merge all files and\or folders with the updated material
  7. Run x:\InetPub\wwwroot\mill\Tools\SystemplateUpdate.exe
  8. Run x:\InetPub\wwwroot\mill\Tools\create.exe then select gift table and dues table in the tables list, select create triggers and create procedures from the action check boxes
  9. Run mill80start.bat to start IIS and Sage Millennium services
  10. Verify that the file was delivered correctly.


All of the dlls have been updated, and the versions have been changed to 2013.0.0.8. So the best way to verify that the patch has been correctly applied is to check the properties on the dlls in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mill\bits\*.dll.


Update product to version: ‘2013.0.0.8’ in the SQL sysinfo table, version field.

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Abila Millennium
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