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Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1

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Issue Number Description
22408 Deploy Tool: crashing during script creation
22420 "Cancel" button visible after the schema and metadata comparisons have completed


Issue Number Description
22659 Deploy Tool metadata compare - not showing any "red" items in comparison tree   
22660 Deploy Tool metadata compare - tree showing in unexpected order   
22661 Deploy Tool metadata compare - each object within it's own transaction


Issue Number Description
22658 Deploy Tool schema compare - "drop/recreate custom objects" not working
22754 Deploy Tool metadata compare - unable to execute script within the tool


Issue Number Description
22803 DeployTool metadata compare - objects not in alpha-order


Issue Number Description
22919 Issue with Deploy Tool behavior during SQL script execution


Issue Number Description
22984 Deploy Tool metadata compare - items that appear in multiple places are not synced up when checking/unchecking


Issue Number Description
23032 Deploy Tool schema execution - Errors occur when editing the script before executing
23031 Deploy Tool connection - database dropdown does not populate
23034 Deploy Tool options not saving after close


Issue Number Description
23031 Deploy Tool connection - database dropdown does not populate
23074 Deploy Tool metadata compare - constraint violation check no longer occurring


Issue Number Description Dev Notes
23237 Deploy Tool metadata compare - Metadata lock functionality erroneously flowing down to related items Added some conditional in SetIsChecked method in order to consider the metadata locked check/uncheck same behavior as the Old Deploy Tool, and added some tooltips.


Issue Number Description Dev Notes
23253 Deploy Tool metadata compare - Deploy All Metadata Locks not working Fixed the error adding conditional in order to set all the nodes checked by default if "upgrade mode" is unchecked.


Issue Number Description
23290 Deploy Tool metadata generate - "Deploy Metadata Locks" not being included in the script
23312 Deploy Tool metadata compare - red items checked by default in Upgrade Mode
23322 Deploy tool generates tons of Drop FK constraint and Create FK for all the tables selected in the comparison schema.


Issue Number Description
17762 Deploy Tool issue when deploying to 2014 sites, due to site setup permission issue
23451 Deploy Tool cannot load WinMerge to view comparisons


Issue Number Description
24238 Deploy Tool schema compare - table changes no longer included in script generation when using Upgrade Mode


Issue Number Description
24084 Deploy Tool metadata execution - insufficient memory error frequently occurring
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