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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.1.3

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Issue Number Module Description
12460 Abstract Edit button doesn?t open edit popup window in abstract submission profile page
13160 Accounting 2013.03- "List invoice detail" page returns empty result
13148 Accounting 2013.01.03 - Updating the Currency Exchange Rates produces a Server Error
13061 Accounting Unable to create partial refund when return/cancelling an invoice
12874 Accounting Error in ac_invoice_detail.SetPriceByProduct()
12768 Accounting Billing address missing
12305 Accounting Add Acc Period Scheduler cannot be used
11968 Accounting If the system option ?AccEnablePaymentOrderForAdditionals? is set to true, it affects full payment of a taxable line item.
13051 Admin Removing Group Items from Set Security
12904 Admin Set Group Security bug
12765 Admin Form designer does not work on IE 11
12637 Admin Copy Group Security
12905 Baseline Reports/Queries Sponsor List Report duplicate line items
12880 Baseline Reports/Queries Deferral Revenue Projection Report Failing
12625 Baseline Reports/Queries Invoice with Format is bring back the wrong date as to when last payment was made
12289 Baseline Reports/Queries NRF: Would like a report that recovers the transactions of a G/L Account by date range
12841 Centralized Order Entry Product Search in iWEB during purchase
12647 Centralized Order Entry error commiting transaction.
12312 Centralized Order Entry COE - Discount is not being applied to shipping
12307 Centralized Order Entry COE - Shipping can be applied to non-shippable products
13351 Committees Some columns not available for selecting when running Mass Replace from Committee Participant object
12285 Committees Add Group to Mailing List not functioning with Committee participation Records
13162 CRM 2013.01.03 CRM: Map view is not loaded every time on IE11
13161 CRM 2013.01.03_CRM_Membership: the items added in InheritedMembership child form continues visible even when they were deletec
13144 CRM 2013.01.03_CRM_Org: The Search form opened from Individual List is empty
13136 CRM 2013.01.03_CRM_Advcacy: Delete option is not removing interests or Customer positions
12957 CRM 2013.01.03 Error when creating a new Cutomer Action Type
12828 CRM Add Individual - 2nd address locked out
12818 CRM Server Error in '/nfep/iWeb' Application message is displayed when any change is made at 'User Defined Demographics'
12758 CRM Bug DynamicData.cs -> InstantiateTables() should handle the empty string as a null
12659 CRM Congressional District Field Missing
12528 CRM Bug: 2013 needs several code modifications so that org_org_cst_key is not used as the org parent FK column
12269 CRM Unchecking Relationships during combine/merge still brings over relationship records
12931 E-Marketing Merge Mailing List
12626 E-Marketing Using the ?Transfer Active? button on a prospect list will only allow five to ten records at a time to be transferred.
12004 E-Marketing Formatting on the Full CuteEditor screen when copying and pasting from Word.
13173 Events 2013.01.03- 1. Line items are being over paid during event transfer in 2013Test site
13098 Events Cancellation Wizard for Event Registrant
13074 Events When doing group registrations via eweb, the group registrant information under ?group registration? child form shows primary registrant (with the registrant credential you have logged in) name instead of organization name.
13025 Events Event Group Registration Invoice/Statement report does not include discounts applied to the registration, resulting in an incorrect amount due
13001 Events Unable to overwrite zero dollar credit when cancelling a recognized invoice line item or doing an event transfer
12799 Events When doing group registrations, the invoice detail shows the primary contact or organization that does the registration rather than the registrant information
12786 Events Evt Registrant Profile - missing line item
12685 Events Add group to mailing list does not work after listing registrants from an event.
12681 Events When doing a transfer for a taxable event, the amount shown for ?credit from previous registration? does not include the tax amount resulting in a balance due
12671 Events No Event Fees
12577 Events 'Registrant on waitlist? notification does not pop up if the event does not have an event session and you register via COE from individual profile
12529 Events Fee end date not popuated for event fee when early class selected
13166 eWeb 2013.01.03 eWeb_ An error is displayed after modifying the Shipping addresses in Shopping Cart
12956 eWeb User is redirected to Home page instead of Login page
12712 eWeb Duplicate subscription display
12449 eWeb Purchase Membership - adding a membership to cart before logging in causes an error at checkout
11016 eWeb Sign In - Firefox - When signing in after entering password if you press enter you get an error
13165 Exhibits 2013.01.03 Exhibits: Add Exbitor wizard is displaying Sever error - 404 file or directory not found
12384 Exhibits Sort Order for Exhibitor Financial Information
12355 Exhibits Increasing Exhibitor Cancellation Invoice Total
12157 Exhibits Cannot Transfer Exhibitor Booth when Exhibitor has created booth number preferences
12949 Framework Localization is causing a number of issues for international members
12775 Framework nfdb wrappers not interface compatible
13141 Fundraising 2013.01.03-Campaign Recognition Levels of Incorrect Campaigns are displaying on Constituent Profile child form
13110 Fundraising Tribute Notificants with mail preference cannot be given acknowledgments
13042 Fundraising Recurring Gifts(and its installments) with Premium do not appear on Recurring Gift child form of Constituent Profile
12960 Fundraising An invoice with payment is created instead of a proforma invoice when adding verbal pledge to a batch with a default payment method
12019 Fundraising Generate Next Installment for Recurring Gift is incorrect if Gift has Premium
12610 General Search Screen gets bigger when adding a org relationship to an individual, if searching an org with multiple pages of results
13124 Inventory 2013.01.03-List pages are not displaying any data
13123 Inventory 2013.01.03-Group discount functionality is broken in 2013 site
12437 Inventory List Fulfillmnet group has no contents and re-directs to edit fulfillment item page
12007 Inventory Several eWeb issues when purchasing a bundle with multiple events
12941 Membership Mass Renewals-Canadian Taxes Not Picking Up
12484 Membership Scheduling create renewal invoices on dues renewal process results in error.
12322 Membership Taxes and credits are not calculating correctly during membership transfer
12106 Membership Sell Online flag missing on EDIT membership dues
12652 Sales Error message when using import sales leads wizard
12425 Sales Sales Opportunity cannot be deleted
13050 xWeb xweb testconnection method not working
12915 xWeb xWeb Insert FacadeObject fails for DynamicFacade
12715 xWeb serialization of customized COE facades
12689 xWeb xWeb - GetDynamicQueryDefinition - Cast error
12524 xWeb xWeb GetQuery returns nodes with blank date values
12465 xWeb Outlook.asmx does not conform to WS-I Basic Profile v1.1

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
12853 Addressed issue with Outlook Integration failing when using sliding token
13296 While linking organization's address to an individual record it is possible to overwrite organization's state

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
13024 Linked address state when adding individual
13264 While linking organization's address to an individual record it is possible to overwrite organization's state

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
13560 Inventory - Unable to create a discount.
13599 When the AccountBatchCloseProcess is set to Atomic, the batches are being closed successfully but the voided invoices and transactions are not being closed as well
12867 System option DataGridPageSize restricting number of records you can add to a mailing list from a query.
13407 the "comments" field needs to have more information to make it usable. Include customer ID field as well as Batch Code.
13614 User preferences dialog giving error when trying to save due to bat_lock_flag.
13198 Can not remove the first query column or group column on a saved query in the query tool

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
14539 Added override for method CreateTableMappings to allow the NfDbAdapter to work with its adapter's TableMappings.
13407 Rollback previous change. Changing payment processor requires recertification.
13615 Update SelectByKey to load payment method record and lockbox header record. The payment method record is required because the import needs to know if the payment type is check or credit card.
13293 Fixed issue with exceptions. Missed code for processing existing ledgers.

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
16828 Large data sets of grandchild forms can exhaust open connection strings
14580 The Score Scaling Task is failing with the error message
16870 the xweb MergeCustomer web method is not merging custom table records
16833 Deferred records are not being created for Deferred Discounts
15520 Marketing - Unable to add attachment while editing Call to Action
13198 Can not remove the first query column or group column on a saved query in the query tool.

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
17128 Even when turned off, the “Saved Shopping Cart” feature sometimes loads a NULL cart

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