Hotfix 1

17250 Cannot add members for ‘list members’ and ‘exclude list’ child forms in Mailing List for IE10
16978 Add_Ind or Add Org: 'State' and 'territory' fields from 'Home Information - set a primary' section are included into validation of required field 'Business Information ' is selected as primary address information
13536 Customer Record Does Not Display Communication Details on Logged Outlook Responses
17312 Deleting a phone number, fax number or e-mail associated with an order or invoice throws an error message that isn’t helpful to the end user
13266 Tool tips are cut off for buttons on modal window
17487 Fiscal Periods Not Saving New Period Names
17485 Cannot view child forms in custom dashboard tab if cookies are turned on
13197 When modifying the audience on a call to action and you click on the edit or add on the query dropdown the page fails to load.
17627 During the batch-close process that writes transfer-ledger records between two companies is not saving a valid atc_key
17409 In certain data scenarios where netForum has to round when selecting the inventory transaction icon when closing a period, error message thrown
17121 Kit components can be deleted from a kit
17405 Execute Method Leaves open connections
17428 adr_attn was added to the database in nF2011 but does not display on any forms and cannot be updated by users.
17525 Entering large number in org membership demographics reverts to zero upon saving
17471 allow an edited PMI to still work with the membership renewals
12432 Rev Rec report overwrites cancel payment data
17702 AVS - Group1 "No Address Found" message is not popping up
17747 Method CEUCreditGenerationTask.GenerateCEUCredits() -> hardcoded insert into ce_credits_ext should be replaced with "szUpdateExtSql = DataUtils.GenerateExtenderTableInsertCommand(new dbN.ce_credits());"
17450 Balance Sheet report format is inconsistent when printing
36660 remove ord_orig_trans_type_ext
17998 add individual and add organization asking for additional information
17655 When adding housing to an event registration the Date field (required) is blank with no options to select a date.
17954 Unable to load a page after refresh for the invoice


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netFORUM Enterprise
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