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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.2

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Issue Number Module Description
17487 Accounting Fiscal Periods Not Saving New Period Names
17627 Accounting During batch-close process that writes transfer-ledger records between two companies is not saving a valid atc_key (2014 and 2013). Instead, it is incorrectly trying to save the gla_code as the led_gla_atc_key/led_gla_atc2_key.
13510 CRM The cursor focus on the find individual or organization pages was lost. It was in the first field in 2011.
16902 CRM Personalized Functionality does not restore "Deleted" profile tabs when selecting Restore/Restore All
17312 CRM Deleting a phone number, fax number or e-mail associated with an order or invoice throws an error message that isn’t helpful to the end user
13197 E-Marketing Editing Audience Query Fails
12901 Events I found this occurs in Line 4922.
17485 Framework Cannot view child forms in custom dashboard tab if cookies are turned on
15848 Inventory No search fields on Find-Price Attribute screen
17121 Inventory Kit components can be deleted from a kit
17412 Inventory Subscription interest not populating in the miscellaneous child form for a misc product
17525 Membership Entering large number in org membership demographics reverts to zero upon saving
17380 Reports Running Membership-Member Count & Revenue by Member Type Dashboard Report receive an error
13266 Toolkit Tool tips are cut off for buttons on modal window

Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
18184 Can't process refund in Add-Refund form when "Refund CC/ACH" Box is not checked
17954 Unable to load a page after refresh for the invoice

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
16181 System not allowing credit application to a tax line item
17808 Deferred Discount 100% applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
18416 Error when purchasing item equal or greater than $1,000.00
18386 Cannot add Miscellaneous Transactions using Credit Cards

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
18463 Changing Bill to causes iWeb line items to remove product and price
18167 Membership renewal process is throwing null reference error because code being executed should only be executed if a web request is occuring.
18619 Autorefund doesn't issue refund or ref code
18004 CDYNE Integration Updates
17894 “Revenue Available for Recognition” report returns blank screen
18604 Cannot Process Refunds in

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
18810 xweb shopping cart methods to failing
18706 Deferred subscriptions fail deferral insert during fulfillment

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