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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.2.2

Issue Number Description
18043 The Aging report only counts 1 discount, so if a product has multiple discounts the remaining discounts will show up as a remaining balance.
19466 Unable to send customer correspondence
18583 Audience query bringing back error when query columns don't match the default list columns that will appear in list results
19408 New Registration on eWeb - Stuck in change my password loop
18893 Paid by Field using name from last invoice and still does when removed
19318 When you purchase 1 of a product with a qty available of 2 and then purchase another 1 of that same product on the same transaction it throws an error when saving.
19392 When applying an existing credit to an existing invoice that has shipping on the line item, the system won't apply to the shipping and will leave the shipping as an open balance.
19023 Add Note- Org Constituent- Sort Name Does Not Populate - 2013.2
19059 Both the WEBEmailInsert and WEBEmailUpdate do not trigger e-mail validation rules in 2013 if the address is not marked as primary, and does not trigger rules in 2014 regardless of whether the e-mail is marked as primary or not.
15958 WEBCentralizedShoppingCartStoreForeWeb does not save “oex_cst_key” even when the shopping cart being saved has a “cst_key” set, thereby causing the shopper to not have their saved cart loaded when they log in to eWeb.
19128 In SSO environment, once users logout eWeb should invalidate the SSO token
19062 When multi-currency is set the system is always using the system option default currency and is not converting based on the product’s and the user’s currency
19373 If you create a multi-company account record between two BUs for an inter-company transfer and then hide/disable the record, it will still be used when the batch containing such transactions is pre-processed and the transfer will still go through.
18359 AR Aging Report foreign currency
14550 Multi Currency Feature does not set default currency in COE

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