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Below are all resolved issues in version 2013.2.4

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Issue # Description
19132 Login Form Enter Key Not Submitting Form
19450 Currency exchange rate issue. The current web service that Abila is using for exchange rate update is broken. it is returning a (-) negative number.
19446 Stored Payment field does not populate when payment method is selected on Payment form in COE
20992 When doing a lookup there is not add icon on the list page
21136 From order profile, the invoice order process yields an error message

Hotfix 1

Issue # Description
20273 Tax not calculated correctly in Transfer Membership process

Hotfix 2

Issue # Description
19451 Unable to Change Batch For a Return Payment
20797 Images not coming through on emails for products confirmation templates. The source of the emails shows this is the URL of the image: src="/iweb/upload/MyDownloads.gif" without the full site domain.
7354 eweb purchase going to the wrong paypal account

Hotfix 3

Issue # Description
17597 Cannot close batch due to calculation of split-revenue being partially recognized
19451 Unable to Change Batch For a Return Payment

Hotfix 4

Issue # Description
20657 Available for Recognition Report and Recognized Revenue Report are incorrectly including cancelled invoices

Hotfix 5

Issue # Module Description
20227 Order Entry Baseline code is breaking non-iWeb/eWeb/xWeb environments where COE is used. The issue is related when the call is coming from a place different than xweb but it is not iweb or eweb.

Hotfix 6

Issue # Module Description
21740 Accounting MasterCard new BIN Range support 222100-272099
20444 Accounting Send credit card CVV to Sage

Hotfix 7

Issue # Module Description
20653 Advertising Voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and discount, system only sets the aod_delete_flag on the product and NULL the aod_ivd_key. Check Insertion order profile/order Info tab/details child form, discount remains listed.
21421 Accounting Error When Using AuthorizeNet when voiding Credit Card Payment

Hotfix 8

Issue # Module Description
19189 Baseline Reports/Queries Query security does not work in Query Individual
21193 eWeb eWeb shopping cart alllows check out with incorrect shipping price

Hotfix 9

Issue # Module Description
17808 Accounting Deferred Discount 100% applied to invoice doesn't create a deferral record.
21805 Fundraising Error adding "signed" Pledge (in Fundraising) or donation (eWeb) -"Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.; Input string was not in a correct format."(with Multi-currency)
21862 xWeb xWeb performance issue with "getquery"

Hotfix 10

Issue # Module Description
20487 Certification CEU generation process causing duplicates after editing CEU credit
21477 Accounting When a fully recognized, partially paid, and taxed item is returned, the tax line-item is not fully returned.

Hotfix 11

Issue # Module Description
21987 Accounting Cannot pre-process/close batch with a payment type of "Return". "Progress" freezes at about 25% and records error in error log
N/A Accounting Deferred GLs are not created for defered products

Hotfix 12

Issue # Module Description
21984 Accounting Cancelled invoices are still being erroneously included on the “Available for Recognition Report” and the “Revenue Recognized Report”

Hotfix 13

Issue # Module Description
22116 Accounting Exception error is thrown after we preprocess a batch with a "return/cancelled" deferred invoice that has been written off ("Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types")

Hotfix 14

Issue # Module Description
21934 eWeb eWeb "member pricing" for a product, not repriced after removing membership from Cart
22145 Membership Member "Transfer" bumps "term dates" to following year and changes "expire date"

Hotfix 15

Issue # Module Description
19638 Fundraising Popup Message only appears in CRM
21019 Accounting The stored procedure ‘ac_deferral_insert_dues_first_year_proration_paid_full’ includes other batches besides the batch you are trying to process/close
21833 Payment Processing eWeb: CVV is not being validated when making a sale: "Credit Card Verification Value does not match. CVV Response Code: 'P'"/"Not Processed"

Hotfix 16

Issue # Module Description
21988 Accounting “Add Credit” form does not actually attempt to authorize Credit Card before creating Credit

Hotfix 17

Issue # Module Description
17063 CMS Deployment of website get done to Source DB when destination DB Connection Fails.
20280 Payment Processing Vantiv Automatic Account Updater AAU failure - Length cannot be less than zero for Substring
21988 Accounting “Add Credit” form does not actually attempt to authorize Credit Card before creating Credit

Hotfix 18

Issue # Module Description
21402 xWeb xweb logging does not work.
22488 Accounting The stored procedure ‘ac_deferral_insert_dues_no_proration_100_percent_payment’ includes other batches besides the batch you are trying to process/close. (Bad Left Join)

Hotfix 19

Issue # Module Description
20255 CRM When in Edit Mode for Personalize. You are not able to drag and re-organize the tabs. When you move a tab it just goes back to its original location
22170 eWeb eWeb: Cancelled invoice line items still showing on invoice (totals incorrect )
22179 eWeb eWeb: Totals incorrect for partially paid invoice
22205 eWeb eWeb: "Shipping address" and "Billing address" show same on eWeb although "Shipping address" is different on individual in iWeb

Hotfix 20

Issue # Module Description
22178 Subscriptions Discount Program “by hours” unable to be applied as expected

Hotfix 21

Issue # Module Description
14029 Exhibits Clicking on Exhibitor -> Exhibitor Management -> Can't register booth personnel in the exhibit module Booth Personnel causes errors to be logged into the error log
20933 Membership A taxable subscription linked to membership, does not add tax on renewal
21639 e-Web When there is a "national membership" and a "chapter membership" added to the cart and purchased, duplicate emails are sent out

Hotfix 22

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
20007 CRM Org Profile, payments (open batch) child from SQL incomplete Added the missing "order by" SQL to correct issue.
21087 E-Marketing When sending the COE Confirmation template through the "Add Payment" form on the Invoice Profile, the template's invoice fields do not get parsed Ported the fix to properly parse COE Confirmation template through the "Add Payment" form.
21540 Membership SP ‘mb_membership_proxy_populate_by_member’ contains a mass-insertion into mb_membership_proxy_ext table which can cause data conflicts and rollback of processes. This can cause processes like the batch-close process to fail The custom changes to Stored Procedure ‘mb_membership_proxy_populate_by_member’ supplied by Support staff corrected the rollback scenario and were applied to baseline

Hotfix 23

Issue # Module Description
23021 CRM AddressCorrection: "Group1" address validation the URL endpoints need to be updated

Hotfix 25

Issue # Module Description
17597 Accounting Cannot close batch due to calculation of split-revenue being partially recognized.
22831 Exhibits Sponsor purchase for Exhibits does not send "confirmation email" correspondence

Hotfix 26

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
22302 Events iWeb: "Event Group Registration Wizard" doesn't capture more than 20 registrants (limit) causing Payment error "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data"(constraint "FK_ev_registrant_ac_invoice_detail") Added an extension for removing elements of GroupRegistration collection each time that a postback is done and delete invoice details related with the registrant that was delete it.
23333 Accounting NullReferenceException thrown by netForumProcessorPaymenttech.dll for credit card refund credit Use DisplayNumber or Number whichever is not null, add null check if both is null.

Hotfix 27

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
22477 xWeb netFORUM 2013 Service pack for TLS 1.2 issue with table lock while using shopping-cart Added NOLOCK query hint for improved performance

Hotfix 29

Issue # Module Description
19699 xWeb https connection problems with load balancer in place for renew membership and back button from add sponsor

Hotfix 30

Issue # Module Description Dev Notes
23529 CRM Combine/Merge Dups: Change Date ("cxa_change_date", "adr_change_date") not updated upon merging Individuals / Organizations Created a new method in order to build a statement, the statement will update the "xxx_change_user, xxx_change_date" columns, the statement is considering the case that some tables doesn't have those columns for that used the Dynamic sql.
23535 CRM GDPR validation not recognizing "terminated" membership date (CANNOT ANONYMIZE: Customer has at least one active individual membership. Must terminate before continuing) Changed validation logic for memberships to allow past memberships that have been terminated
23567 xWeb Stored Procedure: "ws_exchange_token_new" is missing NOLOCK (table "ws_security") Added NOLOCK hint to ws_exchange_token_new

Hotfix 31

Issue # Module Description
23557 Exhibits  "Exhibitor Transfer Wizard": Installment Transfer "payment method" error is displayed
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