Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.1

Issue Number Description
16469 The "renewal process" report displays blank report when number of possible renewal is greater than 0 for â "˜Package" and "Membership Dues" parameters. This report displays correctly records in 2013TEST version.
17443 Taxes with a fractional percentage are rounded when calculating tax amount
17365 Batch Report has no invoice or payment data in it
17408 Not able to process payments with web batch unless xweb user is given group security access to the web batch.
13233 Regardless whether the lowerprice system option is true or false multiple prices are available
17548 A javascript error occurs on the constituent form after selecting a recognition value, causing other fields to not appear as expected.
17515 Registered total does not tally for track fee only event registration.
17531 Rejoins Causing finished deferrals to update
17662 When trying to complete a membership transfer, .net error is thrown on the NF2014 site. Not able to reproduce in baseline but only ACFE and MRA test sites.
17655 For Event Registrations, when you add housing, the date field has no options to select a date and will not let you save the housing as the date is required.
17660 Pledge Installment Find returning Blank page.

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