Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.10

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Netsuite ID Module Title
17958 Fundraising Query Fundraising Constituents query tool page crashes browser on load.
18692 Baseline Reports/Queries AR/Aging report displays paid items from previous years
18807 General Large imports failing dues to out of memory exception
19573 Accounting When you click generate next installment from the installment payment order, the installment it generates is the full invoice amount instead of the correct amount
21007 CRM When an aggregate ascore weight is created which applies to the org, points do not roll up to the org.
21079 CRM Individual with org default address linking method shows as linking method in edit address form
21263 eWeb Eweb mobile site UI is not responsive
21289 Membership Cannot transfer a renewed linked chapter membership to another member package
21349 eWeb eWeb group registration modal window shifting
21397 CRM Server Side Template Injection and Cross Site Scripting
21493 Membership When transferring a national membership with linked chapter, the chapter doesn’t get pulled into the transfer process
N/A Payment Processing MasterCard new BIN Range support 222100-272099

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