Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
47381 App pool recycling and session expiration should not delete disk cache
18785 Refund CC/ACH/PAYPAL Button for Check/Cash Credits Becomes Checkable After Changing Refund Type or Batch
55780 Turn off Litle logging in Enterprise 2011 and higher
18784 LitlePaymentVaultProcessor causes valid credit card number to be rejected
18819 Open invoices with a tax line item are loading into the shopping cart blank and then with a separate line item for each tax product
18537 There is problem with address sub forms and tab orders.
18894 BatchMultiExportDiv overlays Export Button
18859 Customer Statement - balance due incorrect
18739 Duplicate Email not warning
18661 Null to decimal run time conversion throwing an exception

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
18727 Not all event-specific demographics fields are available in the columns to query on the event registrant.
18899 Subscription Price with End Date is renewal (individual or mass renewal)
18044 Error Adding Defaulted Linked Address
18782 When you attempt to stop a task stuck in Processing, you get the message "task start date must be a point in the future."
18794 Certificant Dates data type issue in certificant log
18733 Xweb user passwords not updating with new salt fields.

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
18758 Union Dues return process fails when returning invoices with multiple line items          
18964 If you enter an invalid credit card number in eWeb changes made using the “Edit Payment” button aren’t accepted            
57877 “Subscription Renewal Task” always gets the status: “COMPWITHERROR”     
18728 Deleted Organizations show up under "Bill To" when adding an insertion order 
18948 DLL is not being loaded into the domain after scheduled recycling of the app pool     
18502 Calendar Control issue on Edit - Moves Stage Customer History page               
18637 Payment Method field description should not be bold for pledges. Payment Method is not required            

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
18767 The object serialization process is currently synchronous. It should happen in a separate thread (preferable the same thread that does the actual "save".
19092 Cannot pre-process batch with payment when multicurrency is enabled. The pre-process batch freezes and records error in the error-log. No error is displayed to the user, just the progress window freezes at 94% when writing to the ledger.
60863 Accounting_MisTransaction : Error messsage displayed when try to create a Misc Transaction with Sage credit card
19034 When adding a Fundraising Gift, codes are not auto-populating when the Fund is selected.
18853 Checking the 'select/unselect all' on the Eevent Cancellation Wizard Selects All Cancellation Fees As Well
17088 Order installment no longer populating ac_installment_billing_exception
19036 Union Dues: Returns breaking void screen when there are multiple returns.
18649 When using project for a business unit (ac_project) the batch-close process does not save the ledger record correctly. This prevents the batch from being closed
61139 Accounting>PaymentGateways : "Invalid cardholder name" message is displayed when try to purchase with a cardholder name with only 1 name
18510 Tab Order on Address pages
18502 Calendar Control issue on Edit - Moves Stage Customer History page
18775 Member Directory search results browser page title is misspelled and possibly has an extra word not needed

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
19126 Renewal Process is inadvertently creating invoice and payment for installments that are scheduled to be processed in future
19112 Recurring Gift Task - Invoice Transaction Date is pulling order date instead of batch date

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
19135 Membership Deferral Issue with Revenue Recognition
18967 Shipping price Bug introduced with SP4
18867 Vanitv service will only accept up to 35 characters for the street address
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