Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.4

Issue Number Description
17076 Mailing List (Subscription Messages) Show Online
19157 eWeb_MyInterest: The list of interest is displaying only first page despite there is available more than 1 page (IE11/FF/Safari)
13047 Cancel a deferred invoice that is partially paid and the balance written-off results in an ending balance on the Deferred Revenue Available for Recognition report and nothing under cancelled column
18074 eweb sections with default content are inoperable
17503 When following a report link from an email or another site, the redirect removes 'eweb' from the URL when moving from ReportStart to ReportParameters causing a 404 error
17921 Recognize Revenue not catching up correctly
18835 Cannot query individuals where primary email NOT null
18851 When adding Membership:Termination Date to a query the following error message is appearing 'Invalid value for field: Membership::Termination Date'
18199 Default Advertiser on Add Insertion form from Advertiser Profile
19307 Advertising: Unable to Change Project Status
13605 eWeb_OnlineStore: The invoice is created with no billing address when a donation is added from the  Fundraising Gift "Quick".
18359 AR Aging Report foreign currency
19460 Avectra.netForum.Components.AC.Payment contains code which can cause a site to lock up

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