Below are all resolved issues in version 2014.1.6

Issue Number Description
16291 Customer look-up (cmt_cst_key) on the committee is limited to organizations on the add/edit committee form.
17650 Membership report renders results not found in the database and only in Chrome.
18398 No delete button on eWeb edit forms for phone, fax, address, and email.
18429 Non-US addresses do not display correctly in the eWeb My Profile page.
18447 Xweb (Shopping Cart Processing) Response Validation Errors - Integration Problems
18655 Forgot your password won't find emails with apostrophes
18673 'Invalid email address' error thrown for email addresses with an apostrophe on create an account wizard.
18681 eWEB: Suffix is not available on the My Profile Page in eWEB
18916 On guest event registration form, tracks overlap into sessions
18896 Create invoices button and other form elements are overlapping search results in Add Advertising Generate Invoices form
18902 When deleting a user security group instead of updating, it throws a duplicate error when trying to add the group again
18916 On guest event registration form, tracks overlap into sessions
19083 Add Icon missing from Add Individual/Org Search Results Page (to add a new org).
19190 Publication Prices hide/disable records still show in child form
19308 Advertising: Edit Insertion Order: Material Status Drop Down Doesn't List Values
19311 Baseline Invoice Reports include Cancelled sessions even if parameter is not selected
19567 When cancelling an invoice that has a national membership with split revenue and chapter memberships, only the chapters are being refunded. A credit is created for the national.
19855 call to actions  are adding additional url info to links that are included in the templates.

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