Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
18205 Organization profiles display the sort name on the attention field, which isn’t logical. Attention fields are first name/last name.
18248 Values go to blank when adding new record to issue gridAbstract
18585 The System Option EnableAutoCreationOfNewIndividualDesignations being set to true can cause an error to occur
18692 AR/Aging report displays paid items from previous years
19357 iWeb mailing label missing org name when adding individual with US org by linking & defaulting, and foreign org by defaulting
19584 Create New Account -Duplicate Email
19814 Bill To Hyper link on the invoice redirects to Customer Record vs Bill To Record
19844 Closing a batch does not gray out effective date for Membership
19845 Backdating Pledge date does not update gift date to the same date
19451 Unable to Change Batch For a Return Payment
19953 Accounting project codes are populating for all gl accounts instead of just revenue and expense
14561 Events- Revenue by Event Type Dashboard Report doesn't have a key/legend to identify the different event types.
19569 BUG co_individual_dem allows more than one record per individual
19314 Hide/Disable Merchandise: Still displays in Misc Product
19316 Hide/Disable box missing from Contact/Email Record
18421 Constituent salutation fields need 'hide from query'
20214 Fiscal Period Month End Revenue Recognition Available Report - numbers do not look correct
20173 Extra space between individual’s first and last name in Mailing Label report for US addresses
20170 Discounts not saved in COE when adding an address in COE after the line items have been added
20293 Add/Edit Ind/Org address tabbing/clicking issue
20161 Installment and installment payment not available on exhibit management on Exhibitors profile
19312 eWEB: Contact Us does not notify Assigned Staff
20011 Finance Charge Task incorrectly setting inv_bat_close_flag to 1 for new invoices. Cannot close the batch or do voids for these transactions

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
19319 Batch Reconciliation Report -No Data
20150 Eweb Search Events feature is not filtering events properly when selecting a start date.
20390 Editing base rate in insertion order doesn’t preview
20461 When entering some foreign addresses for individuals and not selecting a state/province, then running the Mailing Label Update, a state appears in the profile address
20499 Hidden/disabled product appears in purchase order drop down list

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
20466 eWeb - since 2014 SP5 we no longer can view baseline reports
18823 md_report_request table no longer receives data
19555 Invoice with format report includes cancelled items even though the option is not checked. The report erroneously reports that payment is required for the canceled item. Update Label
20158 When an event registrant selects a track, the registrant profile shows them in the sessions for the track, but if you goto the session profile / registrants tab. The registrant is not present
19842 Member type sell for next year affects Proration and deferrlas with future dates
20180 In 2013 the member Join Date (mbr_join_date) did not set the time portion of the field. In 2014 and 2015, this field (along with potentially several others like the mbr_rejoin_date) is setting the time and this is causing some issues
20253 USTRAV SSL Issue (xWeb). When a WebService call is made to our xWeb (Authenticate) the system is returning this exception: "System.InvalidOperationException: Missing parameter: userName." Related old bug that was closed - TFS 47856
20508 On all scheduled tasks, when clicking the now button it sets the process to start in 3 minutes instead of 5, resulting in an error message
20537 Scroll Bar Disappears in Invoice Publications Search
20554 Merge Individuals error
20617 On Edit-Chapter Membership form ‘installment payments?’ text overlaps ‘# of installments’ field

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
20105 Statement report number not displayed correctly
20366 Call To Actions are adding extra URL info to the links of embedded images and as a result images are not being displayed in emails.
20029 Printing Pop up windows are transparent against parent window
20630 IntAcct Integration not setting segment fields
20246 The fundraising package dropdown is not properly handled when choosing a fund on the add gift screen
20675 Japanese individual mailing address has Japan under name instead of at the bottom of the address
20626 Editing address from addresses child form by highlighting address then typing over it and then tabbing causes progress circle to keep spinning and record can’t be saved

Hotfix 5

Issue Number Description
20377 If a soft credit is added to an existing gift, it does not retain the source code that was originally used on the gift.
20280 Vantiv Automatic Account Updater AAU failure - Length cannot be less than zero for Substring
20618 Funds are going to Default BU and not assigned BU, which means that the money are going to the wrong merchant account as well
20632 Membership renewal process not creating invoices properly for bundle memberships
20325 After setting a value in UnderpaymentAmount system option, can’t sell a membership with underpayment

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
20577 subscriber ivd_cst_key is overwritten by organization cst_key in COE.
20459 Cannot add batch when multiple business units exist - getting error message
20595 Event registration/capacity counts are incorrectly calculated for golf/dinner event registrations
20208 LowestPriceOnly Set to True causes issues with purchasing non member price
19360 Edit Misc Product Line Item in COE Doesn't Default Debit/Credit Fields
4379 Linked fax numbers are not deleted when deleting owner's fax number

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Description
20488 Password Reset in iWeb not working correctly
20683 The price for the Young Members $125 was changed recently from a non-split price to a split price. This caused the deferral process to not ‘process’.
20425 Price override reason and override notes don’t appear in the invoice edit product purchased form.
19843 Member type set up to sell for next year after 8/31 and the membership is set to prorate in the first year. It will not calculate the deferral correctly if you set a backdate for transaction date.
20563 Donation options do not show up with membership package
20227 Baseline Ccode is breaking non-iWeb/eWeb/xWeb environments where COE is used. The issue is related when the call is coming from a place different than xweb but it is not iweb or eweb.
20519 Membership Status shows Active in eWeb after terminate date - see attached

Hotfix 8

Issue Number Description
20227 Baseline Ccode is breaking non-iWeb/eWeb/xWeb environments where COE is used. The issue is related when the call is coming from a place different than xweb but it is not iweb or eweb.
20194 Gifts are not merging during merge individual process
20460 Unable to run WEBCentralizedShoppingCartInsert for Exhibitors on xWeb
20365 GetChangedOrganizationKeys unexpectedly changed schema, causing MF org sync to fail - 2014
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