Hotfix 1

Issue Number Description
20887 Memberships past the "sell for next year after month" date cannot be purchased due to the datetime attempting to be inserted into the year columns
19843 Member type set up to sell for next year after 8/31 and the membership is set to prorate in the first year. It will not calculate the proration and deferral correctly if you set a back date for transaction date.

Hotfix 2

Issue Number Description
20979 When you purchase a backordered item, it should send you an email confirmation using the FulfillmentBackOrderTemplate system option. However, it only sends COE Confirmation
20618 Funds are going to Default BU and not assigned BU, which means that money are going to the wrong merchant account as well

Hotfix 3

Issue Number Description
20249 Security Flaw discovered in the Forgot Password functionality
20306 After editing address in eWeb check out process, user must refresh browser to see the change was saved
20316 It is possible to change the profile picture for other accounts via a POST request
21046 CEU Earned Date is based on registration invoice date; not based on the event dates
20979 When you purchase a backordered item, it should send you an email using the FulfillmentBackOrderTemplate system option. In client site and baseline, I am only recieving the COE Confirmation.

Hotfix 4

Issue Number Description
7354 eweb purchase going to the wrong paypal account
21012 Free memberships show up with a balance on Member Type Dues Paid report

Hotfix 6

Issue Number Description
N/A iWeb Users Unable to Login if user preferences is set to 'remember last page accessed on login
N/A Inventory_FulfillmentOrders : Not able to complete fulfillment process ,a security error message is displayed
N/A Security issue: RichTextBox editor input data is being consider as a XXS attack and an error is being raised
20474 Error on Dues Calculation when selling membership package prorated in first year
N/A TransferGift: gift cannot be transferred an error is displayed instead
20148 A/R Aging Report As of Date incorrect
21061 Error when editing event transfer fee item
18508 vw_pricing_control_pcc slow performance
N/A CEU Earned date Fix
N/A CEU Earned date fix for Free events
N/A Connection closed - Resolved Connection pool issue

Hotfix 7

Issue Number Description
20909 Union Dues: Returns not creating credits correctly
21192 Shipping Fee Drops in eWEB when adding a membership
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