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Below are all resolved issues in version 2017.1.2

Issue Number Module Description
17063 Deploy Tool Deployment of website get done to Source DB when destination DB Connection Fails.
19537 General Security issue: Customers able to login to other customers' iWeb sites
19638 Fundraising Popup Message only appears in CRM
20399 Subscriptions Keywords search doesn't pull results for Subscriptions. Creates error in Error Log.
20758 Events Eweb online registration doesn't work with free events with sessions. Once a free session is added, it has a $0 fee and therefore is using the regular registration instead of free registration wizard.
20993 E-Marketing Call to Actions with a list type of Invoice show as completed, but an e-mail is never sent out
21087 E-Marketing When sending the COE Confirmation template through the Add Payment form on the Invoice Profile, the template's invoice fields do not get parsed.
21216 Accounting "Error: INVALID C_ADDRESS." message when making payment on invoice with saved card
21241 Accounting Re-stocking fee isn’t being applied to merchandise returns
21292 Membership Issues with method CreateDuesInvoiceRecords on mb_membership class
21325 Baseline Reports/Queries Customer Statement displays closed invoices when there is a credit
21399 eWeb Post Requests to Change Password State View and Prevent Attackers from performing CSRF attacks
21427 CRM Resend Confirmation sends badly encoded garbled email (CuteEditor)
21482 Development Toolkit When a workflow is setup to send an email upon update email is never sent.
21513 Accounting Posting batch results in error batch not balance for enity with Intacct Integration multi company accounts
21530 Subscriptions Cannot add issues for a subscription, when you click on the "+" sign nothing happens ("process the click" action is disabled)
21539 Events eWeb: Clicking the "Back" browser button in the eWeb "Event Registration" Wizard results in duplicate registration fees and/or sessions
21580 eWeb eweb_Ind/Org_OnlineStore_Membership: Adding membership to the cart redirects to Home Page instead of Shopping Cart
21618 CRM Product has additional add-on items like tax and shipping. while you can change the price and quantity, the tax and shipping cannot be changed manually nor is it recalculated based on the new sales amount
21640 Events When trying to attach keywords, using the "Keywords/Tag" icon an error appears "Error updating record. No rows affected"
21686 Membership Error generated "Transfer/Transaction Date cannot be after the membership expiration date." when transferring memberships that have no expire date
21687 Accounting In the "Collective Payment" screen, if a user doesn't enter a payment amount, the application allows to select the Next button. This allows the user to move forward and save even though there hasn't been a payment distributed to line items
21790 Centralized Order Entry Backorder confirmation email is sent, when a product has more than 1 inventory locations even though no-backorder exists
21828 Accounting When doing a “return/cancel” invoice on an order with "installment payments", get negative "Balance" on "Summary"
21833 Payment Processing eWeb: CVV is not being validated when making a sale: "Credit Card Verification Value does not match. CVV Response Code: 'P'"/"Not Processed"
21877 xWeb Shipping line item added by xWeb is disappearing from eWeb cart
21899 Fundraising When adding an UNPAID "Verbal" pledge, "payment method" seems to be required upon "Save"
21934 eWeb eWeb "member pricing" for a product, not repriced after removing membership from Cart
21950 Accounting Unable to "Void" Refund after logging out
21962 Membership Cannot "renew" membership package that contains a subscription with synchronized term dates
21974 Centralized Order Entry COE: Credit does not apply to shippable subscription product
22020 Accounting Overpayment on Invoice from the Customer Profile throws constraint error instead of creating a credit ("FK_ac_credit_ac_invoice_cdt_inv_key")
22039 Centralized Order Entry COE: Error on Source Codes Look-Up when Adding Membership or Membership Renewal and "List" is empty: "The column 'src_code' was specified multiple times for 'InnerSelect'/'ResultSet'"
22045 Development Toolkit When a workflow is setup to send an email upon update of the membership object, email is never sent
22051 Inventory Payment not being applied to invoices with backordered items correctly
22064 Inventory Fulfillment process gets stuck when credit card is declined in one of orders
22086 Payment Processing ACH Refund errors: "Error refunding: UNABLE TO PROCESS."/ "Credit could not be granted on the void: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
22086 Payment Processing ACH Refund errors: "Error refunding: UNABLE TO PROCESS."/ "Credit could not be granted on the void: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
22109 Accounting Incorrect "credit available" amount appears on "Add Payment" form when "Sold To" and "Bill To" customers are different
22110 Accounting Membership purchase, does not populate "ac_payment_info.pin_cpi_key"
22145 Membership Member "Transfer" bumps "term dates" to following year and changes "expire date"
22155 Accounting "Revenue Recognized Amount" wrong for deferrals that do not start on the first of the month
22162 Accounting Multicurrency: Converted Credits into USD can’t be seen/used in the "Apply Credit" screen
22163 Accounting When "installment payment" is voided the "Void Date" is not set and "Balance" is not updated in the "Order Profile"
22178 Subscriptions Discount Program “by hours” unable to be applied as expected
22208 Accounting CEU earned date (ceu_earned_date) always set to either Event or Session [Should be date they complete training or pass test]
22240 Membership Membership Effective and Expire dates are removed/"blank out" after canceling the invoice with discount
22271 CRM Promotional mailing lists are checked by default in communication preferences, so checking and saving other mailing lists automatically opts you into them
22288 Membership "Membership Drop" process is setting the "mb_membership.mbr_rejoin_date" when it shouldn't be
22314 Accounting Subform Grid Controls not updating if "show"/ "number of records" were changed from dropdown
22318 Inventory Cannot fulfill "last" item in inventory if item is marked as "do not allow backorder"
22329 Accounting Collective Payment “credit to apply” values unexpectedly miscalculating and changing
22332 Fundraising When adding a "Verbal" installment pledge, the error generated: "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data." ("FK_ac_order_ac_payment_info")
22336 Admin Scheduling a task to execute after another task throws an error "A database check constraint named "ck_tsk_status" requires that the following condition is true..."
22370 xWeb xWeb: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error for method: WEBCentralizedShoppingCartGiftFundraisingSetLineItems
22375 Membership Incorrect error generated when "renewing" membership from FULL pay to "Installment Payments" - "This change does not obey the required constraints of the data" (constraint "FK_ac_order_ac_payment_info")
22514 E-Marketing Events Registrant object list type used in email template does not have value parsed for "evt_title", "ind_first_name", "ind_last_name", "org_name", "reg_badge_name"
N/A General Exception is thrown because the oInvoice in mb_membership is an invoice and not an OrderEntry object
N/A Baseline Reports/Queries Reports_Membership: The Go button display an error for the report: Membership-New Members by Join Year
N/A E-Marketing Marketing>MalingListProfile : Error message when attempt to edit any field of Mailing List Profile
N/A CRM CRM_ListInvidual_Communication_ AddGroupToMailingList: Error: “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier” is displayed when we tried to create a Mailing List through a list of individuals.
N/A Certification Certificantion_Certificant_ListCertificants_Communication_ AddGroupToMailingList: Error: “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier” is displayed when we tried to create a Mailing List through a list of Certificants.
N/A Certification Certificantion_CourseProvider_ListCourseProvider_Communication_ AddGroupToMailingList: Error: “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier” is displayed when we tried to create a Mailing List through a list of Course Pro
N/A Certification Certificantion_More_Waiver_ListWaivers_Communication_ AddGroupToMailingList: Error: “Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier” is displayed when we tried to create a Mailing List through a list of List Waivers.
N/A CRM A-Score: the workflow rules don't get called anymore in the Insert/Update/Delete for some façade objects
N/A Advertising Advertising: When voiding an advertising invoice that contains a base rate and addition charges the aod_delete_flag on the additional charges still in 0 and pointing to invoice
N/A CRM CRM_Individual_Payment: A Stored Payment Information Linked to a transaction type prepaid can be removed, and all Payments related are deleted
N/A Accounting BatchProcess: There is a problem during preprocess, close and post batch with progressbar.aspx form
N/A Membership Membership_Association Profile: Misalignments in Add Business Unit form
N/A eWeb eWeb_Membership: Unable to purchase a bundle with National Dues
N/A Accounting Error when trying to Preprocess a Batch for Closing
N/A CRM Organization: Editing a document information in New UI requires uploading a document even if the document isn't changing
N/A CRM Add from lookup on Organization Name & Address closes form without saving
N/A Accounting Accounting_Credit: In NewUI the (Payment Information) block and GLs are out of alignment with the separation lines in the (Add Credit) form
N/A Accounting Accounting: Unable to add a new batch when on the edit invoice page
N/A Accounting Missing controls on the Generate Coupons form
N/A Accounting Accounting_Invoices - - Payment is not created for recurring gifts created manually or by the task
N/A Payment Processing Accounting_Scheduled Processes : PayPal is refusing transactions for scheduled tasks because TLS 1.2 was not implement in netForum tasks
N/A Centralized Order Entry COE Exhibits: Card number field allow wrong number with SO PaymentProcessingModel as Single provider
N/A Inventory Thumbnail Images Are Not Displayed in eWeb
N/A eWeb eweb_Bundle: all items are being retrieved to sell, even when the item is set as no sell online and post to web
N/A Centralized Order Entry COE_Bundle: Cannot add this line item (Merchandise 1 or bundle) because it does not have an associated price.' error is raised, when the properties in the bundle does not accomplish individual attributes
N/A Membership Add Association Page Alignment Issues
N/A Accounting Accounting - Add G/L Account fields are misaligned
N/A Advertising Advertising_CreateInvoice: The invoices from insertion order are not being created properly
N/A Events Web information icon is not displayed in the Event profile page
N/A CRM CRM-Add Menu Item To Access COE is Inconsistent
N/A CRM Organization Profile: Server Error 404 - File or directory not found. When adding Organization from lookup.
N/A Fundraising Incorrect pledge amount displays on constituent profile page
N/A Exhibits Exhibits_Exhibitor_Add booths: The application does not display the booths in eWeb.
N/A Abstract Abstract Reviewer Profile: Adding abstract reviewer assignment causing session timeout error
N/A CEU CEU Credit Generation adds multiple credits from the same source
N/A Accounting CreditCardFormat update for PCI-DSS Compliance
N/A Centralized Order Entry "Finance Charge" Task failed : An error occurred while trying to drop memberships: External component has thrown an exception
N/A Events Event_Keywords: Conversion failed error is raised when save the empty keyword for new events
N/A eWeb Security : CSRF attack scenario to fix
N/A Inventory Inventory: Product Type System Option child form displays no results
N/A Inventory Inventory: Invalid Product Type System Options child form displays no results
N/A General Mixed Content Error on HTTPS
N/A Accounting Accounting_Credit: An exception is thrown when refunding a credit
N/A Framework ClassicUI modal inside NewUI page does not refresh page when saved
N/A Baseline Reports/Queries Broken Drill-Down for the Top 3 Events Based on Event Revenue & Highest Call Activity by Staff Dashboard Reports
N/A Fundraising Fundraising_AddDonation: Constraint error occurs From add donation for required sage data
N/A Accounting Cannot close the batch that has deferral product from 2017 + versions only
N/A Exhibits 'Payment amount cannot be empty or null' is thrown adding an 'Invoice Note' when adding a payment for an Exhibitor
N/A Accounting Accounting_Payment: Payment amount and payment to apply are not displayed correctly when user tries to add a payment over an invoice
N/A Accounting When Purchasing a collective due and order is 'installment' type, "Generate Next installment" form displays "Add- order installment generation" modal.
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