Attempting to change a distribution code’s apply to value from “B” (Both) or “A” (Accounting only) to “P” (Payroll only) and getting the message

“This Distribution Code is being used in Accounting and cannot be Reclassified”


The Distribution Code is saved as a default distribution value or is used in a calculation/uncommitted transaction in the accounting system and cannot be changed to payroll only.


Remove or change the code as a default in all the locations that it is used. This can include various screens in the AR, AP, Fixed Asset, Requisitions, Purchase Orders.
There is not a report that can be run to determine where all the instances of the distribution code have been used in defaults or uncommitted transactions (such as calculations, PO references). You will need to check each screen and uncommitted transaction in the modules listed above. If the code was used in Purchase orders it cannot be removed or changed.  

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