The years utility is being run by the 'sa' account. The utility runs for a few minutes and then the queue displays "Utility error".
The error in createyearsout.log file in the queue folder displays the following error:

"Error Encountered when dropping temporary table.  Above error message MAY contain further ODBC and/or other error details."
Ran a SQL profiler trace capturing user errors.  Error is "Cannot drop the table 'dbo.filename' because it does not exist or your do not have permission.
Did a select * from sysobjects where name = 'dbo'filename' in millreports and milldata. No file is found.

Log in to Millennium as 'sa' account
Click on Tools>System Upkeep>User Security
Click on the hover menu to the left of 'sa' user and choose Update/Delete
Check to see if 'sa' account is a Report Admin

Make sure the 'sa' account is a Report Admin and that should resolve the Utility error.

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Abila Millennium
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