When I log in to the KB and click on 'My Account' there is an Edit tab that takes me to a page to update or change my password. However, it doesn't seem to work.  Why can't I update my password here?

The Edit feature was not set up for the knowledgebase because we are using single credentials to sign on for most of our support resources and these credentials are created and maintained from the Support Portal powered by NetSuite.  The Edit tab should no longer be visible, but I left this article active to answer this question if it arises.  We apologize for the confusion.
To request a password reset or to update your existing or temporary password, please Click Here  and follow the instructions as applicable.
To make edits to your contact record, please Click Here  to request your changes.  The 'Edit' tab on the Knowledgebase  "My Account" page does not update your record with Abila.

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