We are tracking an issue where customers login  to the Knowledgebase (KB) and the page contains gibberish characters or in the Edge browser, asks the user to download a login file and just spins and never connects.  

Symptom: attempted log in to the KB using Chrome returns a full page of gibberish symbols and numbers. Even if you switch browsers sometimes it remains as gibberish on login.
Cause:  Unknown issue with the browser not sending the correct error back to the contact when they entered an incorrect password.
Resolution 1: Close the browser completely then navigate back to the page and try logging in again. 98% of the time this clears the issue.
Resolution 2: request a password reset
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Customers =

Other issues that might restrict your access to the KB content and or cause you not to be able to login:

  • If you recently received a password for the KB and you receive an "Access Denied" error,  make sure you are navigating to   If you have questions or this does not clear the 'Access Denied' error, contact Abila.
  • ​​If you navigate to https://kb.abila.comand click the login button,  if you were recently registered, you might not be able to access our premium content.  To verify you have this issue, click the aqua blue"My Account" button next to the green login/logout button at the top of the page.  This takes you to the accounts tab. If you see a number instead of your name and organization, then contact Abila so we can clear this error for you.  
  • Make sure that you update the temporary password you receive in the Support Portal first before trying to login to the KB. If your current temporary password contains a %, this is sometimes affecting login to our KB page. It works on other resources, but not always on the Knowledgebase.  To clear this error you can request a new password thru Chat ( 8-5 M-F CT) or after hours use the Password Reset instructions to change the password so that it doesn't contain a %. 
  • You can also try pasting the full URL of the link you were sent into the browser, making sure to add the 's' if the URL is HTTP not https, then click the "Click here to Login' below the title of the article.  This usually bypasses the browser not updating issue.

We are working to resolve these issues with our vendor and apologize for the inconvenience.


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