There are two options for accessing your programs on the AWS Environment with RDWeb.  The easiest option for access is to use Windows to install RDP resources that are accessible via icons that you can save on your computer.  The other option is a URL provided for access that can be entered in a web-browser that will allow you to sign in and access from anywhere. This article covers both options.  


Option #1- RDWeb via Windows RemoteApp

1. Go to Control Panel and select View. Top right corner near the search bar. Change it to large or small icons to view more icons.

2. Select RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

3 Click Access RemoteApp and desktops

4. Enter in URL of hosted server. It will look like this -  (Where servername is the name of the server you've been provided)

5. You will get a popup asking for credentials. This will be your domain/username in the format of mip-cloud\ and then your password. 

6. If everything is correct you will get a notification that anumber of items were discovered.

7. Go back to the connection page and look for a box that says View Resources.

8. Right click on the icons and send to desktop for users to use. Alternatively, they can also find the icons in the start menu under a folder. Sometimes labeled Abila Resources or RDP resources.


9. Once this is done you will be able to click on an icon that directly opens up the specific software , like MIP or HR Management, on your AWS server.


Option #2- RDWeb via Web-browser

1. You will be provided a link that looks like the following - (Where servername is the name of the server you've been provided).  Paste that link into your web-browser and sign in using your domain\username credentials. Y our credentials will look like mip-cloud\firstname.lastname


2. Once logged in you will see a list of icons that launch the associated program.

3. Click on the link and the browser will download and launch an RDP connection directly to the relevant software.

4. You may be asked to enter your credentials again. Make sure the domain/username looks like this: mip-cloud\firstname.lastname


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