Application specific errors when attempting to open a previously saved attachment; for example:
  1. Retrieve desired constituent record
  2. Focus on Basic Data
  3. Select desired attachment to view
  4. An application specific error message is raised (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Error:  File does not begin with '%PDF-',Local\EWH[lc-so&#).
Incorrect\missing MIME types defined within IIS or missing installation of requisite application software.
  1. Randomly select constituent records with various attachment mime types.
  2. Attempt to retrieve\view files attached to these randomly selected constituent records.
  3. Take note of *any* error messages with particular attention to the application called and the file association\mime type (e.g. .pdf = Adobe Reader, .xls = MS Excel, etc)
  4. Confirm the necessary third-party software application (e.g. Adobe Reader, MS Excel, etc) is in fact physically installed & functioning correctly on the system in question.
  5. Launch the third-party software of the attachment in question
  6. Attempt to open the problematic attachment directly; Millennium attachments reside in the following directory by default: \\MillenniumIISServerName\InetPub\wwwroot\mill\docs.
  7. Does the problematic attachment load correctly?
    1. No:  Verify third-party software application functionality with a known, valid file (e.g. launch Excel, retrieve a known, functional spread sheet).
      1. Take note of any application-specific error messages raised (consult example noted above in Symptom section).
      2. Consult appropriate support resources for the third-party application used to open the problematic attachment
  8. If overall Millennium functionality is valid and confirmed and the appropriate third-party software is installed and functional (confirmed from steps #1 – 3 above) then
    1. Delete the problematic attachment and replace with a known functional copy
    2. Test retrieval of the updated\known valid copy of the attachment.

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Abila Millennium
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Data Issues

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