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Below are the release notes for the April/May 2020 release.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Issue Number Title Description Resolution
25680 Late fees generated on incorrect orders Late fees generated are not contained to only those orders showing returned when using the Find Orders option. Late Fees will only be generated for the records that are found using the Find Orders option.
 25549 Default Member ID being sent for NRDS Sync  For some Realtor associations the default member id was being used for financial transactions if the id had not yet been synched to the NRDS database.  Now if your association uses the function to generate  NAR ID on adding an individual record, the system will use the purchaser’s id regardless of its synching status.
 25734 Eweb_New visitor registration: Getting invalid customer id error on saving the new registration details When creating a new eWeb account, if the user created a password that did not meet the password complexity requirements an error message was displayed. After creating a password that did meet the complexity requirements the system was generating an error message and would not let the new eWeb account be saved. The system will allow the user to save their account after updating the password multiple times.
25318 Individual Profile Report the education credits earned has a total that does not calculate. It just shows a line for the total then a 0 underneath When running the Individual Profile report, fractional credits less than 1 would be rounded down to 0. The Individual Profile Report allows fractional credits to be displayed.
25357 Free Member Only Events Allowing Non Members to Register The system was allow non member to register to member only events if the event was marked as a free event and viewable to non-members. Now non-members will be able to see events that have been marked as viewable to non-members, but they will not be able to register for those events.
22103 Membership status changing from dropped to On Hold/Active  Previously if a member was dropped and a dues renewal order created for the record, if the renewal record was cancelled without being paid, the member status would change from Dropped to On Hold/Active. Now if an unpaid order is cancelled, the member’s status will not be updated.

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