When attempting to access Abila Online using Internet Explorer 11 a message stating 'Browser Not Supported' appears


This was caused by a Microsoft Update. Windows Update installed Internet Explorer 11 on all Windows Users machines automatically this in turn reset any compatibility settings.


The browser needs to have Compatibility settings adjusted

Open Internet Explorer

  1. Select:  Tools (gear icon on the top right)

  2. Click on Compatibility View Settings

  3. In the text box type in

  4. Click Add

  5. Check the box at the bottom (display this page in compatibility view)

  6. Click OK

  7. Refresh the page

You may need to refresh the webpage to enable the changes, in some cases you may have to close your browser completely to flush the cache and then re-open in order for the new Compatibility setting to 'hold'. 

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Abila MIP Fund Accounting
Abila Fundraising 50
Abila Nonprofit Online
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