Any constituent record that contains gifts that have been exported to GL will return the following message when you attempt to use the Merge/Purge utility:


Since these gifts which have been Exported to GL are considered part of financial information that was sent (exported) to your accounting product this is a safety trigger in FR50.    

The system is expecting you to delete the gift first and then re-export it so that the accounting product can relate this information to the 'new' constituent record (ID).

If this 'tie' to accounting is not necessary based on what information was exported and how transactions are recorded in your accounting product, you can follow the steps in the Resolution section below in order to successfully complete the merge/purge process. 


The following procedure is offered as a workaround.  Considerations will need to be made for any outstanding Pledge payments if Pledges and the subsequent Payments are individually recorded in Accounting under unique receivables accounts.  

Once the pledge and pledge payments are re-associated with the new (merged) record in FR50 any subsequent payment may not be able to 'tie' or 'link up' with the original Pledge in your accounting product.  

Standard gift type transactions will not be affected in the same way as they are single, once time accounting entries. 

  1. File>Backup>OK  (this is a copy of your database BEFORE any attempt is made to remedy the situation)

  2. Run a Gift\Pledge Payment or Custom Gift Export File Report for the gifts you are going to be deleting (the record to be purged) – you will need this information to re-enter the gifts into the merged record.

  3. Perform the Export to GL function for any other gifts that need to be sent to accounting, i.e. other than the gifts you are going to delete. You are ‘clearing’ the database of all legitimate gifts that require to be Exported to GL.

  4. File>Backup>OK (this is a copy of your database AFTER you have exported all legitimate gift transactions to GL and BEFORE you attempt to delete and re-enter gifts that were previously exported)

  5. Delete gifts for the constituent(s) for whom you are trying to purge, the record(s) that will be removed from the system.

  6. Perform the Export to GL Generic version and delete the resultant csv file created, you do not send this file to GL since you do not wish to remove these transactions from accounting.

  7. Complete the Merge/Purge Utility

  8. Re-enter gift records deleted in Step 5

  9. Perform the Export to GL Generic and delete this file (these records have previously been exported and once again there is no need to send this information to accounting).  This will stamp the gifts with the Exported to GL stamp so they are not sent over to your accounting product a second time.  

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