This article offers an overview of setting up integration between Fundraising 50 and Fund Accounting.  Specific steps may vary, depending on your organizational needs. 
Abila Client Services or your Abila Business Partner can provide a quote for assisting customers with establishing integration between Fundraising 50 and Fund Accounting and modifying DEF files should you require assistance. 
While modifying DEF files is not a covered support topic, consulting services can be quoted by our Client Services team.
It is recommended that you keep a second copy of your customized DEF files in a secure location to serve as a backup.
To establish integration between Fund Accounting and FR50, set the following parameters:

  1. Fund Accounting must be installed on the same machine with Fundraising 50.

  2. In Fundraising 50, navigate to Administration>Setup>System Options>Gift Export

    • Select the radio button to ‘Automatically initiate Abila Fund Accounting import upon completion of gift data export.

    • Add your Fund Accounting user ID and password

    • Select the fund accounting database you will be importing into

Select the Segments you wish to be included in the data file to be created for export.  (Tender is required)

       3.   Add your Abila GL Account and/or Segment values in Table Maintenance for the selected segments.         Access Table Maintenance from the Tool Bar by going to Admin>Table Maintenance>specific table>Segment Value. 

        4.  Using the default sample DEF files, you will need to edit these to ensure transactions are imported to the desired segments in Fund Accounting.  The default DEF files are located in C:\Program Files\Abila Fundraising 50\Import.  If the installation path was modified to a non-default location, these files will reside in the directory provided at the time of installation.
Modifying DEF files is not a covered support topic; however, consulting services can be quoted by our Client Services team.  

     5. Once DEF and CSV files are formatted to your specifications, the file locations will need to be indicated in the Abila Fundraising 50 Transaction Type Table:  (Administration>Table Maintenance>Transaction Type)

The export (CSV) file contains a list of all transactions exported ins a single Export session and can be used to verify against the resulting unposted transactions in Fund Accounting, for auditing purposes.

  • Please note that formatted DEF files must reside on each FR50 machine where exporting to Fund Accounting is performed. 

  • As an alternative, you may store DEF files on the database server rather than on each local machine, the server path must be a mapped drive – UNC paths are not permitted in FR50.

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