When attempting to import transactions from Fundraising Online into Fundraising 50 the message:

"Connection to Abila Fundraising Online failed.  Please refer to your online help for more information.  Transaction deserialization failure (6)" appears

The keys in Administration>Utilities>Manage Accounts do not match the keys in Fundraising Online
  1. In Fundraising Online navigate to Organization>Organization Details>Show Organization API Key
  2. Open Fundraising 50
  3. Navigate to Administration>Utilities>Manage Accounts
  4. Compare the value in the Account ID Number field in Fundraising 50 against the Organization API Key in Fundraising Online - if different then copy the Organization API Key into the Account ID Number field in Fundraising 50
  5. In Fundraising Online select the Your Profile tab (which is next to Organization Details)
  6. Select Show Anywhere Private Key
  7. In Fundraising 50 compare the Anywhere Private Key in Fundraising Online with the Account Key in Fundraising 50 - if different then update the Account Key in Fundraising 50
  8. Select Save in Fundraising 50
  9. In Fundraising 50 go to File>Login As and log back into Fundraising 50
  10. Attempt the import again
  11. If you still receive the error, log back into Abila Fundraising Online, navigate to the Your Profile tab and select the Expire User Anywhere Key icon.  This will generate a new User Anywhere Key code.  
  12. Copy this new Anywhere Key code into the Account Key column in FR50 then save the change. 
  13. Log out of both products
  14. Log into FR50 and try the import again. 

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