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Below are the release notes for the December 2020 release.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Issue Fixes
ID Title Description of Fix
26349 Unable to Use Forgot Password Email Link In some cases, this is a result of the user waiting to change their password until after the link has expired.  This was resolved by extending the time the link is available.  In other cases, the link is being triggered when the user's email platform automatically clicks the link to ensure it is a safe link.  We found increasing the number of times a link could be clicked was not sufficient to address this problem.  So Pro now will allow the link to be active until the user has successfully updated their password or the link has expired.
26278 Delayed Financial Data Sync to NRDS For Realtor associations, a small coding issue has been fixed. We have also implemented a service where if a Financial Sync with an MQ error or an Exception occurs an email will be sent to the email address in EmailToAddress system option.  The email will come from the email address in the EmailFromAddress system option.
26051 "No Space Available" column seen on MyEvents page. We have updated the Space available messages to read as follows: 

If the Allow Guest Flag is checked and the event capacity has been met the message "No more space available." will display.

 If the Allow Guest Flag is checked and the GuestRegistrationCapacity has been reached but there are still event non Guest registration spaces available the message "You have reached your limit for guest registrations." will display.

If the AllowGuest flag is not checked and the event capacity has been met, "No more space available." will be displayed.

Enhancements and System Updates
Title Description of Update
Enhancement - Query Request to Include Subscription Purchase Users are now able to include values from the subscription purchase table in both columns to query and list results to verify the correct subscription records are being renewed.
Cannot cancel an event registration with a partial refund option if you've already canceled a session Registrants can now be partially refunded for an event cancellation even if a session has already been canceled.
Late Fee can't be applied to Event/Session and Exhibit/ExhibitBooth product types Lates fees may now be applied to event registrations and exhibit registrations.
[Accounting] Purchase and email confirmations display wrong balance for a product with installments when the payment was performed through "Pay in full with credit" The balance on email confirmations for installments paid by the "Pay in full with credit" will now display the correct amount.

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