User inserts an action for a constituent via the Millennium Mobile Interface.  Action is created, yet there is also a link\attachment created to a completely unrelated Basic Data (corebio) record.

Take note of the result when the link to Basic Data is clicked:

The basic data record above has absolutely *nothing* to do\in common with the initial constituent record (first graphic).Now repeat the sequence using the Millennium Web Interface:

A second action is properly created, this time *without* a link to Basic Data.

There appear to be two (2) primary defects present:

1. Link to Basic Data created when Actions are inserted via Millennium Mobile Interface
Link to Basic Data created does not match\reconcile with original constituent the Action was created for.

Expected behavior: Actions inserted to constituent records would be consistent regardless of Millennium interface used.
Workaround:  Manually enter\copy & paste requisite email address and phone information while creating event invitations.

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SQL Server 2008 R2
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