When you change a Registrant’s event status, the constituent guest’s event status is also changed 


When an event card is established in a constituent record (the Registrant) and another constituent is added as a guest of the registrant, a reciprocal Event card will be created in the guest’s constituent file as well.

The reciprocal Event card in the guest's record is a mirror image of the registrant’s event card. This includes the gift amount, the guest card, etc.  This Event card resides in the original Registrant's record and is displayed in the constituent guest's record but it not a unique card related to the constituent guest.  

Registrant’s Event Card created upon registration as ‘Attendee’…..

A constituent guest is added to the registrant’s record….

The reciprocal Event card is created in the Guest’s constituent record (Kenyon Smith's record) with same status of ‘Attendee’…


Therefore, when a change is made to the Event card in EITHER record, it changes all the Guests’ event cards linked to that registrant.  

The above example demo's a single constituent guest, but no matter the number of constituent guests registered, any change on the Event card will be reflected in all constituent records for that event.

The actual guest card (listing) is the only area that allows you to designate specific items or activities for each individual guest. 


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