Symptom:  An Error occurred connecting to Sage Payments Services Updater for Account Company Name. Status 404

A status of 401 on an account can indicate that the account updater has not been activated on your SPS account. Please contact your SPS representative to have the Updater activated on all you SPS accounts.

Sage offers a product called Account Updater that automatically sends the credit card and expiry date stored in the Sage vault to Visa and MasterCard on a monthly basis to be validated. Any updated information is returned to Sage and we update the token Sage's end with the new data. This allows the Millennium product to continue to leverage the same stored token and bill the customer using the new details.

Millennium does not need to access the full card number for anything. Payments are processed using the token.
The issues could be that the IIS cannot reach the SPS Account Updater server.  Check the IIS to make sure it can contact 

Receive error  when attempting to access gateway -  “Server Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied” error message.  IT team checked to determine if this was a firewall issue, the following response was received:
It looks like a permissions based issue.  An access request with credentials is sent by Millenniumapp, and the server fires back that Millenniumapp doesn’t have access.  If the firewall were blocking traffic, we wouldn’t see a remote server error from Sagepayments.

Error 404 indicates that there is no data.  Changes will be made to the Millennium SPS Updater.


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