Access a report and upon selection of the Setup button receive the message:

Expression Types Must Match

Your only option is to select OK repeatedly
The query that has been saved in this Standard Report has become corrupt.  The system is returning the error message for each record it is trying to access.  Therefore if the query is attempting to access 100 constituent records, you will receive the message 100 times.
You will need to 'click' the OK option in the message until the message is no longer generated.  The message will be generated once for each constituent record the corrupted query is attempting to access.  Once the final error message has been generated and you have clicked Ok, you will be able to access the report Query.

Select Change Query and then once the query screen is active, select the Reset Query button.  

Save the report with the originally delivered Query.

The report should now be accessible without producing the error - see caveat below in Additional Information section.

Additional Information: 
Sometimes, not only is the query the issue in the report but the selected merge fields also have an issue.  Once the Reset Query option is performed, if the report still results in the error message. access the Options tab and clear the merge field selections and then select Open and select a different Merge Field Definition for the report.  Select Save on the Merge Setup window and then select Save for the report. 

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