The article below is for customers who utilize the Donate Now processing from provided from Paya.

If your organization happens to be the unfortunate victim Fraud, there are some measure you can take.  The following are guidelines and is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  We recommend contacting Paya at 877-470-4001 for more information on either making the changes below or finding out other fraud mitigation/prevention steps your organization can take. 

  1. Increasing the minimum transaction amount to $5, possibly $10

  2. Blocking IP Addresses from

  3. Enable CAPTCHA

  4. Enable CVV verification

  5. Enable a Date/Time Stamp trigger to have your page shutdown if multiple transactions get created within milliseconds of each other– Paya will need to enable this so discuss with their Support team and understand the ramifications before having Paya Support enable this for your organization.

Fraudulent transactions in Donate Now Import:
If you find that fraud transactions are comingled with legitimate transactions, you can:

  1. Create a donor record in FR50 called Delete

  2. Map the Donate Now fraud transaction(s) to the Delete ID in FR50

  3. Import the data

  4. Delete the Delete donor record in FR50

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