Gift Amount and Balance Due columns in Campaign Hierarchy Team Details report display inflated totals 


Solicitor ID/Name have been included on pledge payments

  1. Edit all pledge payments by deleting the Solicitor value and save changes.

  2. Re-run Campaign Hierarchy Team Details after all edits have been made.

Additional Information: 

Use this report to provide details by team for solicitations that are being tracked using the Campaign Hierarchy feature, with one team per page. For each Team, the report prints a list of each solicitor with his/her assigned constituents and their Ask Amount, Gift Amount (if any*), and Balance Due. The total Ask Amount, Gift Amount, and Balance Due for each Team are also included.
*Any = applies to all transaction types


Important note:  For a gift to be included in the committed total on this report, a Proposal card MUST have been created first.  The gift is then matched to the Solicitor and Team indicated on the Proposal card. 

Required Tags:

Article Type: 
Product Info
Product Line: 
Fundraising 50
Product Module/Feature: 
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