Attempt to run GL Export to MIP Fund Accounting the process times out with error:

FR50.exe Has Stopped Working


The MIP Fund Accounting install on this computer has not been upgraded to the latest release.  The MIP Fund Accounting server and database have been upgraded but no one has logged into the Fund Accounting install on this workstation direct so that it can upgrade.  
When the FR50 system tries to connect to the MIP Fund Accounting product, the MIP Fund Accounting product is attempting to upgrade 'behind the scenes', which requires direct input from the user.  Since FR50 is instigating the login, it is unable to supply the direct interaction required to upgrade MIP Fund Accounting. 


Log into the MIP Fund Accounting product directly.  Once the MIP Fund Accounting upgrade has completed on this workstation, then log back into FR50 and perform the Export to GL process.  

Additional Information: 

See Also KB 9291 for other possible cause(s).

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Product Info
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Abila Fundraising 50
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Data Import/Export

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