In order to enable SPS, you must have received an activation code that is SPS authorized from Abila. 
In addition you will need an SPS account (non vault).  At the time the account with SPS is established, you will be provided all of the following: a virtual terminal (user) id/M_ID, M_Key Number and password. 
Serial Number = XXXXX (Your current Abila FR50 serial number will remain the same)
Activation Code = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (A replacement code will be provided by Abila)
Virtual Terminal (User ID)/M_ID: (Provided by SPS)
M_Key: (Provided by SPS)
Once you have entered your new activation code, M_Key and M_ID you will be able to start using SPS in conjunction with Abila FR50.  To enable SPS follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Abila FR50 as a user in the Administrator security group

  2. Enter the new Activation code by accessing Administration>Activation Code from the main toolbar, click OK.

  3. Select Administration>Setup>System Options>Data Entry

  4. Complete the M_ID and M_Key fields 

  5. If you wish to enable Real Time processing of credit card/ach information, you will need to grant that right in Security.  If Real Time processing is not enabled, all credit card transactions are entered as Batch and are processed via Bank/Credit Processing located in the Navigator. 

  6. To enable Real Time processing, navigate to: Administration>Security>Group Access

  7.  Select Setup from the Component section of the left then select the Real Time Sage/Abila Payment Solutions option on the right. 

Required Tags:

Article Type: 
Product Info
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Abila Fundraising 50
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SPS/Sage Exchange Configuration

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