Organization type to Individual type:

Note: All contacts on the Name Tab must be deleted before using the Change Record Type utility.
            If the contacts are not deleted the following message appears:

  1. Open the organization record you wish to change.
  2. Select the Name Tab.
Note: If any contacts will be associated with the new Individual Record, new Name cards should be created for each before deleting the contacts.
  1. Create the New Name cards for each person associated.

  1. Now, select each contact card, click Delete Name, and click Yes.

  1. The Name Tab should now only display Names and Salutations.

  1. Now click back on the Basic card.
  2. Click Change Record Type in the Navigator
  3. Click ‘Yes’ to Are you sure you want to convert this organization to an individual?

  1. The Basic Card will no longer have the Org field; but will still have the organization name in the name fields:

  1. Click the Name Tab open the Name Card for the individual’s name:
  1. Check preferred
  2. Check Include in Browse and Quick Gift Search
  3. Click Save Changes
(You may choose to delete or keep the Organization name card on the Name Tab for reference).

Individual type to Organization type:
  1. Open the individual record you with to change to Organization type.
  2. From Navigator, Click Change Record Type
  3. Click ‘Yes’ to Are you sure you want to convert this individual to an organization?
  4. Now enter the Organization Name, Last and First Name of the Preferred Contact.
  5. Save Changes.
  6. Select the Name Tab to confirm Name Cards, Contact Cards, and Salutations are all present.


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