The form(s) required to  Create/Remove or Change your Abila Hosted Multi Tenant and Dedicated Cloud  logins are available via the links below.  

Please be aware that forms must be signed by a Abila Hosted Multi Tenant and Dedicated Cloud  user who is assigned to the Admin Security group.  

Also, before forms are submitted please contact Community Brands Customer Support via phone 800-945-3278 or Chat to be assigned a Support Case number.  Alternatively, click the Submit a Support Case button to the right of this article and use the case number received. Forms improperly signed or without the related case number will not be processed.  

These forms are not utilized to alter existing user rights unless you are assigning the user to a new Security Group. These forms are for the creation, removal or change to the user logins or group assignment(s).  

Individual user security rights are handled by the organization's Admin user in the organization database via Security>Setup System Menus or Setup Organization Menus in Fund Accounting (KB article 951) or via Admin>Security>Users and Passwords in Fundraising (KB article 2636).

A detailed explanation of Fund Accounting user rights in theAbila Hosted Multi Tenant and Dedicate Cloud environments can be found in KB article 13781.


PLEASE CAREFULLY REVIEW THE FORM PURPOSE BEFORE DOWNLOADING (Last revised 8/26/2020- forms with earlier revision dates will not be accepted) :

User Add/Remove or Security Group Creation/Assignment  (non Girl Scouts account)

User Add/Remove or Security Group Creation/Assignment (Girl Scouts account ONLY)

Establish new Admin User (previous admin user(s) are no longer with organization) - All type accounts

Note: If you are adding a new Admin user and the current Admin user is still with the organization, simply complete the appropriate User Add/Remove form above. 


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