How Do I Log A Support Case After-Hours if I am an Abila Business Partner?

Our chat support is only available from 8-5 CT M-F excluding holidays.  After hours you would need to log your support request from the Partner Portal.  You can access the Partner Portal in three ways:

* Direct NetSuite URL =  Partner Portal


*Direct link on our Abila Partners Website =​


* Navigate to and click "Partners", then scroll down and click 'Partner Resources'

Once logged in you would hover over Support>Cases>New and click NEW.

If the case is on behalf of a customer, log it under their account, and click the 'case on behalf of' check box.

Select the contact you are working with at the customer's site, and you can add your email address to the email field separated by a comma if you'd like to get the case notes.

Enter the Product, Subject, and Message to support, then submit to sent it to the queue.




These instructions are only for the Business Partner category of Partners at Abila.  If you are a Partner with an AMC, Product Partner/Implementation Partner needing to log a case for your clients, or are a Referral Partner, you would log your cases from the Support Portal.

Product Partners who need to interact with Marketplace for their listings and leads, can login to the Marketplace with the green Login button in the upper left corner of the page.

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Article Type: 
Product Info
Product Line: 
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