The Quick Gift form allows users to quickly and easily add gifts to constituents' Gift files. When all gifts have been entered and Save is selected at the bottom of the Quick Gift form, a new Gift card is created in each constituent's Gift file.
This time-saving feature ensures that you do not have to move from one constituent record to the next to complete your gift processing.
The Quick Gift Form may be accessed by selecting Quick Gift within the Navigator or from the menu Module > Quick Gift 
Quick Gift Form:

  1. In Donor Search, type the last name of the constituent and hit the tab key to open the Constituent Search Results.

  1. If the system doesn’t recognize the last name, a window will ask “Would you like to add this constituent now?”  If new, click Yes

  1. Select Record Type for the New constituent

  2. Click OK and the Basic Card will open in a new window.

  3. Complete the Basic Card information and click Save.

  1. Complete all required information for the gift on that row.

Note: When the cursor is on a row in the Quick Gift grid, a snapshot report displays the Constituent Demographics for that constituent.

Note:  It is recommended to stay within the Quick Gift Form when entering gifts. Navigation to another card or module within FR50 without saving changes to the form first could cause retrieval/argument errors to occur.
Helpful Hints:
Since the Quick Gift form is designed to be a fast process, let’s also look at the things that may assist in making it even faster: Modify Quick Grid & User Defaults
 Modify Quick Grid may be used to add or remove fields on the Quick Gift form, giving the user the option to customize the grid.  These settings are based on User ID, so users can have their own settings for quick gift entry.  
Modify Quick Grid Steps:

  1. To open, Click Modify Grid in the Navigator

  2. Use the arrow buttons to select or deselect the desired fields

  3. Click Ok when all desired fields are selected. 

TIP: The single arrows will move selected fields one at a time from side to side. The double arrows will move all fields at one time from one side to the other.
NOTE: The following fields are required on the Quick Gift form and cannot be removed from the selected fields: Donor Search, Gift Type, Membership Gift, Gift Date, Gift Amount, Tender, Solicitation, Purpose, and Fund.
User Defaults may also be set up for Quick Gift.
If you frequently receive a number of similar gifts following a large solicitation, you could use the Quick Gift form along with user defaults to quickly and easily enter the gift information for each constituent.
The steps to set up user defaults which can be used in Quick Gift, can be found in KB 12181. 

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Product Info
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Abila Fundraising 50
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