When a single check is received and the amount is to be divided as payments against multiple pledges, you utilize the Split Gift option.

  • Access the constituent record and select the Gift tab

  • Select New Gift>Pledge Payment

  • Highlight one of the Open Pledges listed for the constituent>Ok

  • On the Pledge Payment for this Pledge, alter the payment amount to equal the entire check amount received, complete the rest of the Pledge Payment card

  • Select Split Gift>Save Changes

The following window will be generated:

  • The initial pledge payment information will be displayed

  • Alter the amount column for the initial pledge to the correct payment amount

  • Select Payment and the appropriate pledge for the second payment

  • Enter the appropriate dollar amount for this second pledge payment

  • Once the Gift Amount and the total of the Amount Column are equal>select OK

If any of the Pledge Payments would result in fulfilling the pledge, the system will generate the Close Pledge option.

Additional Information: 

You also have the ability to enter a Pledge Payment and just a standard gift as a split transaction.  In that case, you would NOT select a value for the Pledge column.


You should NOT use the split gift option to change part of the pledge designation to another value for the Fund, Purpose, Campaign or Solicitation.  

When a Pledge is established, the values assigned to the four fields indicated are internally 'tied' to the Pledge.  ANY payment against the pledge MUST retain the same values for these fields.   Which is why a Pledge Payment card is pre-populated by the system when you first initiate a Pledge Payment.  Changing the values in any of indicated fields will 'un-tie' the Pledge Payment from the original pledge and cause issues within FR50.  


A constituent "pledges" $4000.00 and states that $1000.00 of that amount is for the playground (Purpose) and the other $3000.00 is for the book drive (Purpose).

Even though the constituent and your organization may consider that a single $4000.00 pledge, you would have to establish two pledges in the system.  

Because of the differing Purposes two pledges are established: one pledge for $1000.00 for the playground, and one pledge for $3000.00 for the book drive.  This same logic holds true for any of the four fields indicated. 

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