Sometimes it is necessary to terminate a gift plan prior to the initial End Date.  Before deciding to take this step, note tht last recurring gift that was generated by the plan.  

You can find this information from the Table view of the Gift Tab.  Once that date is determined, you access the Gift Plan itself, navigate to the End Date field and enter the day of or the next day after the last Recurring Gift was generated.

Once that is done, you can select Close Plan from the Navigator column.  The Status field should update from Active to Closed.  PLEASE NOTE:  Once a Recurring Gift Plan is set to Closed - you CANNOT re-open this plan.   Which is why it is imperative that the close date is such that it will not prompt the system to try to create one last Recurring Gift. 

For Example:

The Recurring Gift Plan was established on a one month interval:

The most recent Recurring Gift was generated on the 5th day of Feb of this year:  

To properly close the Recurring Gift Plan, you would enter an End Date of Feb 5th or 6th

If you entered an End Date of March 5th instead, even though the plan was Closed, the system would eternally try to process the final March gift, since that gift would still fall within the active "dates" of the plan.  Once the proper End Date has been entered.  Select Close Plan from the Navigator column.

You will receive a confirmation message asking if you really want to close the plan.

Once you select Yes, the Status will change to Closed and the Close Plan option will no longer be available in the Navigator for this Plan.  You CANNOT re-open a Recurring Gift Plan. 


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