I did adjustments under Maintain>Vendors>1099 Tab in 2020 to move information from MISC-07 to NEC-01. However, the 20.3 Upgrade migrated that data in the tables and the adjustments are no longer needed. What is the best way to get rid of those adjustments?

Contact customer support for a script that will delete the adjustments.
This will require an engagement letter (no charge) and then the script.
The script will do the following:
Delete any 1099 MISC-07 Adjustments for 2020.
Delete any 1099 NEC-01 Adjustments for 2020.
This script deletes ALL of the above adjustments. If you have made any adjustments to NEC-01 for purposes other than migration of MISC-07 data those entries will have to be put back in after running the script.
NOTE: The process for running scripts in 20.3 has changed from 20.1. You will need to download the new support utility.
And have a SQL admin login to use with the utility.

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Abila MIP Fund Accounting
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Accounts Payable
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