Note: The Notify table is used in conjunction with the Honor/Memory field on the Gift card, the Honor/Memory name must be established first before you can then designate who is to be notified when a gift in made in Honor/Memory of a particular person/entity.

Designate the constituents to be notified in the Notify table.

  1. Setup the Honor/Memory table

1.    Click Administration>Table Maintenance>select Honor/Memory
2.    Click OK to open Honor Memory table
3.    Click New
4.    Enter required fields: Last Name, First Name, Abbreviation,  H/M
              (Optional fields: Middle Name, Prefix, Suffix)
5.    Click Save & Close
6.    Values entered are now available for selection on the Gift Card

  1. Setup the Notify table

1.    Click Administration>Table Maintenance>select Notify
2.    Click OK to open Notify table
3.    Click New
4.    Select value For Gift In Honor/In Memory Of
5.    Enter Notification ID
       a.    Enter the constituent ID number
       b.    Don’t know the ID?:  type Last name +tab > select constituent > Click OK
6.    Enter Note (optional)
7.    Click Save & Close
Special considerations:

  • Multiple notifications are allowed on a single Honor/Memory designation. 

(Repeat steps 1-7 in the Notify table for each additional notification)

When using the Financial Report, Honor/Memory Notification Export Report will return multiple rows for a single gift for those Honor Memory gifts with multiple “Notify” designations in the Notify Table.

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Product Info
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Abila Fundraising 50
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Honor/Memory Transactions

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