User Defaults are accessed via the main Toolbar:  User>Defaults

Once created, default templates may be utilized for Data Entry and specific processes within the product.  These include Quick Gift, Import, Online Gift Processing, Donate Now and Abila Fundraising Online importing. 

You can establish as many templates as you may need, but only one template per process can be utilized at a time.  Or dependent upon the template, you may utilize the same template for different processes.  

To Create a New Default Template:

Access:  User>Defaults   Select the New button.

Once the Default Template screen appears, select the first card you wish to establish default values for - you can enter as many values as you wish on as many cards as you wish for each template.  

A Default Template will create a card or cards of the type selected with the values you select.  For example you may select the gift card and the field values which would represent a gift for your Fall Event AND then also create a contact card at the same time to record that the gift was the result of a mailing. 

Once you have completed the card(s) and fields that you wish to have the system create, select the Ok button.  This will open the New Default Template window where you can assign this template a name. Once the template is named, select the Ok button.  

Your template is now ready for selection on the User Defaults main screen

Editing an Existing Template:

Access the user defaults:  User>Defaults

Select Edit

Highlight the template you wish to change/edit, select Open

After your changes/edits are complete, select OK to save the template with your changes/edits. 


Additional Information: 

Description of Check boxes, Buttons, Icons found within the Default Template feature:

  • Cards:  Select the card type for which you want to set up default values.

    • When the form is initially displayed, all the icons are visible and basic card is shown. 

    • If the user clicks on a different card icon, it disappears to indicate the card is selected.

  • Applies To: Apply the default values for Individuals records, Organizations records, or both (All)

  • Caddy Items: Add caddy items (Dots, Sticky Note, Paper Clip, and Stamps) to the card by selecting the appropriate check box.

  • Share With Other Users: Select this check box to share the default template with other users.

    • Keep in mind that other users can modify and delete a shared template.

  • OK:  Use this button to save changes to the template and enter a name for the template if you are creating a new one.

  • Save As:  Use this button to copy and save an existing template with a new name.

  • Clear:  Use this button to clear default values for a single field, the current card, or the entire template. To clear defaults for an individual field or card, click on the field/card and then click the Clear button.

  • Cancel:  Use this button to cancel any changes that were made and close the form


  • Some fields do not apply to all processes in the system. If a field is not available for the process you are performing, then any default established for this field would not be included (even though it is part of your default template). For example, the Online Gift Processing form does not include the Letter field on a Gift card. A template that includes a value for this field would not populate on the Online Gift Processing form, but all other values for the remaining fields would populate. If this same default template is utilized in the Import Wizard, this field's default would be included because the Letter field is available for this particular process.

  • Defaults apply to all attributes. For example, if you create a default template that assigns a red dot to the Attribute card and add six attributes to a new constituent during import, that constituent will have six attributes with a red dot for each.

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