Question: What is the purpose of the Additional column in the Name Type table?


Answer: The Name Type designated with a check mark in the Additional column signifies the Name type that will display on the Basic card in the Additional field when the constituent record contains a Name card of the type indicated in this table. 

Individual Name Card created for the Constituent:

Table View of All Names Cards for the Constituent

Basic Card Display based on Name Type Table designation of Partner/Spouse as Additional Name:

Since the Additional name field on the Basic card can only contain a single name value, you cannot designate more than one name type in the Name Type table as the Additional Name to be displayed on a Constituent Basic card.

The selection of the Additional name is dynamic in that you can change your selection at any point in time. This allows for greater flexibility when creating queries and reports.

For example, if you would like to quickly query to find any record that contains a name type of Couple, you access the Name Type table, deselect the check mark from the Partner/Spouse name type and then select the box next to Couple.

Making this change in the Name Type table would then be reflected in the Constituent records.

This would change the value Displayed in the Additional Name field on the Basic card as follows:

You now have the capability of querying on the Basic card for all Constituent records that contain a name type of Couple (Query = Additional Name is not Blank).  Any Constituent record that did not have a Name card with the Name Type of Couple would NOT have a value in the Additional Name field on the Basic card and therefore these records would not be returned. 

This same principle applies when running reports where a selection is available to include the Additional Name field value.  Dependent upon your selection in the Name Type table, the value displayed in the Additional field on the Basic card would also print out on the report or labels being run.

The resulting mailing label\envelope or report listing would display as follows:

If a Constituent record does not contain a Name Card with the Name Type designated as the Additional name, then no additional name field value would be returned for that Constituent, i.e. in the above example the mailing label would only display the Preferred Name and then the address information lines, the additional name of Mary Owens and Danny Alexander would not appear.

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