1.    From the Query screen of the report setup, choose the card on which the defined field was built, i.e. Gift Card

2.    Select Define

3.    Choose the defined field, i.e. 2010 Gift Total (Total Gift Amount Where…only restriction is the date range)

4.    Choose the Use button

5.    Choose the Operator, i.e. >= and choose the value, i.e. $500

6.    OK


7.    Be certain to select your defined field on the Options tab so that the value will appear in the report. You would select the Options tab, then Change Fields, then select the card the defined field was built off of in the upper right hand corner, then move the defined field from the Available Merge Fields column on the left to the Selected Merge Fields column on the right and select Save.

Now then you run your report the defined field value will print out on the report.



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Product Info
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Fundraising 50
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